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The Next Generation Cloud Company

Will Be Token Holder Owned & Operated

Secure Virtual Space Technology Lets You Set-Up and Own Your Digital Company

The next generation of technology growth

The BCERT community drives transactions. As the community grows, the platform increases in value.

BCERT removes the Ongoing costs of software

Stop renting with seat fees & save thousands as your business grows

Why Own Your Private Cloud?

You’re in 100% Control. Secure your data & privacy - reduce risks. Only those with a private key have access.

BCERT Tokens are the next Generation of how software will be delivered

Work in your new secure virtual office suite with complete control of your data and see what’s happening in your business 24x7 globally. It’s the new windows of Blockchain.

Secure Efficiency Authentic Transactions

BCERT Token Holders own the network, by building business transactions.

The next wave of business Cloud puts users in the drivers SEAT instead of giant centralized technology companies.

BlockCerts Blockchain drastically reshapes the most critical digital tools of our lives. No more trying to manage 12 different software access points.

From - our healthcare and education, to our jobs, finances, banking, real estate, our world has forever changed - we must be digital.

Cloud and software services to meet with the way the world needs to operate generated 2019 license fees to companies of over $220 billion - and left all of our data from every transaction in control and exposed by those companies.

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