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BlockCerts® WhitePaper 2023

Cloud Power to The People

We’ve Shifted the Control Back into Your Hands.

WE DECENTRALIZE CLOUD, SaaS, AND FinTech with BCERT Tokens – But Why?

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In a word, it's about the “power” of the future. Whoever owns and controls the data we produce in our digital lives, the software and APPs we use on the cloud, and our mobile devices, has all of the power and exposes us all.

The Centralized Power Grab – With every click in our personal lives and every transaction completed in business, our data is collected, exposed and used. It’s tracked, collected and supplied to others. They control our own data, providing risks for our businesses and privacy issues for each of us.

The Exposed Cloud - As a business, do you really have control of your customers data? Or is it controlled by someone else? The software to operate customer data, from shopping carts to mailing addresses, is all on the exposed cloud.   And it is NOT managed by the business itself, it’s managed by the cloud software companies. Your information is not really owned, held, or even controlled by the businesses we choose to do business with!

Apps Feed the Machine Think about the data we put into our phones and the APPs we use every day. Who controls all of that data? The largest is Google, and Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. In Asia, Alibaba, TenCent, (China’s government controls even more) and it’s a similar story around the globe.

Hacks, Link Sharing, Data ExposureA dozen major software suppliers hold and control most of our data. In 2020 there were 3,950 data breaches and 36 billion exposed client records. Isn’t it time for a change?

Out of Control - From our health to our wealth and education, our data is not held by the companies we do business with. It is spread across the cloud and SaaS service providers. These businesses, even if they wanted to, have difficulty controlling their own data and protecting us.

The Power Shift. Own Your Private Cloud - With BlockCerts Blockchain Cloud and BEYONCERTS dAPPs, we’ve changed who holds the cloud power. It’s the new Web4.

Private Cloud protects what’s important. New App Solutions expand productivity and slashes business costs…all powered by the BCERT token.

Now Businesses have the power to choose who sees their data, which minimizes risks, and empowers their businesses with complete control. Consumers now have solutions to protect their privacy and what’s important to them… Cloud Power to the People!

We’ve done this by…

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