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Happy Canada Day
Independence Day
BCBC DCloud Day!


PS: 2nd Spoiler Alert: this is a BETA – we welcome feedback. We’re trying to simplify, perfect and squash bugs. Your patience and comments are appreciated – you can make them right inside your BCERTin Wallet or send us an email to

PPS: As always, please let me know your invaluable thoughts so we can improve. You have a direct BCBC Channel inside your wallet to me Founder CEO Office – Just search for “Founder” and my channel will come up. I always appreciate all of your ideas and suggestions!

Note from Dan Gay

We’re enthused to present this next step in the BCBC platform! Next steps? We’re preparing a new website for the token release. The site will have videos, the white paper and the components of the BCERT tokenomics. It’s not ready for full release yet, but we thought you’d like to see how it’s coming along. Click Here to view >>

We’re adding to our support desk for the future. Due to the North American holidays this weekend, responses may take longer than normal.

Get ready for a packed July as we’re planning numerous releases to the wallet, as well as other announcements to come!

Enjoy your holiday
Dan Gay
Chief Marketing Officer

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